2019 Born to Be Beautiful (single)
2018 Get Your Smile On (single); 2017 Only One (single)

2012 Basement Tracks Volume 1
2011 We Stop Hate (nonprofit theme music)
2010 Change Our World Together (single)
2009 When I Dream (single)
2003 Acoustic Yours
2000 First Time Around
1998 Thicker Than Water (no longer available)

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Basement Tracks (Vol 1)

Acoustically Yours (folk)

ACOUSTICALLY YOURS. Released in 2003. Primarily recorded at Spring Studios in Prahan, Victoria near Melbourne, Australia with Harry Williamson as recording engineer. "Bless These Streets" and "Take Me as I Am" recorded at LnL Recording, Larry Kriz as recording engineer. Sound: All acoustic, folky. 

When I Dream (single)

First Time Around (pop)

FIRST TIME AROUND. Released in 2000 nationally by label Emphasis Music. Released in 2001 internationally by PeopleSound. Recorded at Woodside Studios in Evanston. IL with Erik Vaveris as co-producer and Steve Rashid as recording engineer. Sound: Pop/Rock. 

Stories Behind the Music